Phyllis Edgerly Ring: author, editor, writing tutor
Twenty years, perseverence and plenty of pages
"Dreams are . . . illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you."
— Marsha Norman
Phyllis Ring

I diversified my writing early in a 25-year freelancing career so as to publish in a variety of genres and markets.
  The result is more than 900 articles and essays in several dozen magazines that include American Profile, Christian Science Monitor,Mamm, The World & I, Writer’s Digest, Yankee, and MANY OTHERS, both in print and online.
  My absolute first love as a writer is inspirational writing, much of which takes the form of essays and columns. A collection of these, Life at First Sight: Finding the Divine in the Details, is scheduled for release by Bahá’í Publishing in Spring of 2009.
  My current writing projects include Investigate (Your) Reality, a work about transcending humanity’s spiritual-identity crisis, with co-authors Diane Iverson and Ronald Tomanio, and a novel that follows the lives of three women in Germany and America during and after the second World War.

Toby, John and  Vanessa

A wife and mother of two and a former nurse, I contribute regularly as a columnist to a variety of parenting, health, and inspirational magazines on issues of family life, health, and spirituality. My education includes a degree in Arboriculture and Park Management from the University of Massachusetts, as well as a diploma in nursing, and issues of health, nature, and the environment are often the focus of my writing.
  An eight-year stint with a local newspaper group helped me get to know the editor’s side of the desk, and hone a range of skills in an on-the-job journalism crash course. During my years there, my writing earned first-place awards from the New Hampshire Press Association and a Media Excellence Award from the National Foundation for Women Legislators.
  My articles about the freelance writing life have appeared in Absolute Write, Writer's Digest, Writer's Weekly, and publications of the Long Ridge Writers Group, for which I also serve as instructor. A recent online interview they conducted with me can be found at Long Ridge Writer's Group.
  In addition to nonfiction, I have published short fiction for adults and children in such markets as Pockets, Northern New England Review, Herald of the South, Treetop Panorama, and Damazine.
  Formerly program coordinator at Green Acre Bahá'í School in Maine, I helped coordinate an annual Spirit Of Children Conference on Children’s Literature and Art there to help writers and artists foster the spiritual life of children.

  In 2001, I received an opportunity to teach children in China, living and working in Shanghai with our daughter and sharing both English- and virtues-training with 1,000 of that city's kindergartners through a fun, music-driven curriculum. Those four months may have shown me more about children, China, life, cross-cultural understanding, and human hearts than anything in the 45 years I'd lived up to that time. READ MORE.  

I have offered workshops on nonfiction and creative writing through Elderhostel, adult-education programs, and at New Hampshire's Seacoast Writers Conference.I also co-facilitate “Creativity, Craft, & Connection,” a workshop retreat for writers, with my good friend and writing colleague, Dru Cederquist. (Check out her great blog about the creative process at
  My favorite membership affiliation and source of writing companionship and inspiration is the International Women’s Writing Guild, founded by Hannelore Hahn. If you’re a woman who loves (and lives) writing, their annual summer conference at Skidmore College is a life-changing opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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